KittMedia Productions Produkt Shop 1.0.0 Beta 2 available

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Exactly 6 months ago the first Beta of KittMedia Productions Product Shop has been released. Today I’m happy to announce the availability of Beta 2 for testing.

We’re working hard to fix all many of the reported bugs and provide improvements and even new features. Only some of them are:
  • The shop now tries to detect your country automatically and based on that selects the VAT percentage.
  • A License Management has been added.
  • Terms and Conditions have been added.
Overall more than 30, partly big, changes have been made since Beta 1.

To provide a proper test system the shop has been reinstalled in the test system, which means that all products are gone. However, the user accounts are still available and usable.

Another new possibility is that you can us ethe moderated user group “Manager” so that you are able to see the backend of the shop the first time. Just use the following link:

And now: Let’s go to the test system!
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Ich bin Webentwickler in Stuttgart und administriere Server seit vielen Jahren. In diesem Blog erstelle ich hauptsächlich Tutorials für andere Webentwickler, Webdesigner und Serveradministratoren.
I’m a web developer in Stuttgart, Germany, and server administrator since many years. This blog mainly contains a tutorial set for other web developer, web designer and server administrators.

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