Power Settings for WoltLab Suite Core 3 released

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I’m proud to announce the availability of our first plugin for WoltLab Suite Core 3. It is called “Power Settings” and, as the name already suggests, provides many powerful settings to make your website even better.

It is just a small plugin and thus it costs just 1,95 € (including VAT for European customers) and is available by now. Just follow this link:
Power Settings

If you’re missing some setting or think that there is something we should add as setting to this plugin, don’t hesitate to call us!
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Ich bin Webentwickler in Stuttgart und administriere Server seit vielen Jahren. In diesem Blog erstelle ich hauptsächlich Tutorials für andere Webentwickler, Webdesigner und Serveradministratoren.
I’m a web developer in Stuttgart, Germany, and server administrator since many years. This blog mainly contains a tutorial set for other web developer, web designer and server administrators.

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