Seven years of KittMedia and a small roadmap for 2017

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On this exact date seven years ago I started with a new blog – my first one. It was one of my earliest web projects and has been grown since then and is now a major knowledge base for tutorials, technical helpdesk and, of course, one of the oldest active sources for products around WoltLab Community Framework and WoltLab Suite.

I’ve never thought that this project will be so big and successful at any time. But it has been and that’s a great feeling! So today, I would like to thank all of you, who are visiting this website, read the articles, add comments, use the support forums or/and purchase products. We’re working hard to give you the best resources we can and I believe I can say that we’re very successful on this – otherwise we couldn’t create such a big project with now more than 2,600 registered users, nearly 30,000 forum posts, more than 1.1 million chat messages since 2012 and many thousands of email requests.

So again: Thank you for your support!

Even if 2017 already has been the most important year for KittMedia until now with the update to Community Framework 2.1 with a new design, the release of our own shop system and many new products for WoltLab Suite 3 we’re still working hard to create an even better experience for you. And so we did and recreated the start page to make it more clear and the header in its whole with a new fancy animation. We would like to hear your feedback on this and even on the project overall.

As I’m already talking about 2017, what’s coming up next? There are some new incredible things in the queue and I would like to give you a small roadmap with what we’re planning for this year:
  1. New designs for WoltLab Suite 3
  2. Package server integration for the shop
  3. Discount system for the shop
  4. Portal v1.1.0 (compatible with WoltLab Suite 3)
  5. Shop v1.2.0 (compatible with WoltLab Suite 3)
  6. Transfer licenses in the shop
  7. Provision System for the shop
As you can see, there’s still much to do and especially our shop system will receive many new features. So be tuned!
Über den Autor
Ich bin Webentwickler in Stuttgart und administriere Server seit vielen Jahren. In diesem Blog erstelle ich hauptsächlich Tutorials für andere Webentwickler, Webdesigner und Serveradministratoren.
I’m a web developer in Stuttgart, Germany, and server administrator since many years. This blog mainly contains a tutorial set for other web developer, web designer and server administrators.

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