New Privacy Policy according to the General Data Protection Regulation

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On May 25, 2016 the European Union adopted the General Data Protection Regulation, which will be mandatory on May 25, 2018. In order to have a valid privacy policy according to this regulation we needed to adjust our privacy policy. In this post I want to summarize what has been changed and what does it mean for all of you.

The good message is: It doesn’t mean anything bad for you. The data collection and handling is still the same and it has ever been as the German Data Protection Act already is a very good one.

There have been made just a few additions to the already existing privacy policy, which informs better about the data we collect and handle.

At first we added an information which personal information will be send to PayPal and which one we receive in case of an order in our shop.

Right to be informed, access, correction, locking, deleting, withdrawal and sharing of data
Previously, this step has been called “Right to be informed, correction, locking and deleting of data” and now has been expanded by a few lines. It now includes information around the storage time and what happens with your data at a withdrawal or what you can do if you think that your data will be handled by no applied legal rule.

At the least the privacy policy now includes my address as I’m the responsible person for privacy at KittMedia.

As I said, just a few new information but no different data storage or handling as we already use as few personal data as possible from all of you.
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I’m a web developer in Stuttgart, Germany, and server administrator since many years. This blog mainly contains a tutorial set for other web developer, web designer and server administrators.

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