WCF 2.1: Disable avatars in quotations

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One of the new features of Community Framework 2.1 is a new design of quotations. On the side of the quotation you can find the avatar of the quoted user. This new design is not liked by everybody and does not fit every design. Thus I want to show an easy method how to disable it.

For this you simply have to submit a small LESS code in your design. For that you have to use the internal feature in your ACP, located at Appearance -> Styles -> List Styles -> Edit Style -> Advanced Settings -> Individual CSS and LESS:


  1. .quoteBoxAuthor > .quoteAuthorAvatar {
  2. display: none;
  3. + .quoteBox {
  4. margin-left: 0;
  5. }
  6. }
Now the avatars should be disappeared in any quotations and it should nearly look like quotations in Community Framework 2.0 and Burning Board 4.0.
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