WCF: Ban/punish user or deny permission, how it works

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Many administrators try to deny general permissions to certain users. This is quite easy but often the administrators knowledge about user groups and user permissions is limited. This article should provide clarity. It deals with the settings from Community Framework 1.1 / Burning Board 3.1 and Community Framework 2.x / Burning Board 4.x.

The general settings are equal on every of the above mentioned systems:
A granted permission is higher rated as a denied permission – every time. Whenever a user is member of multiple user groups where at least one user group has a granted permission, the user has the granted permission, careless of every denied permission of any other user group.
In general the user group “Users” (where all registered users are member of) has more granted permissions than a banned/punished user.
The removal of a user from this user group is only possible directly inside the database on the one hand, on the other hand it is not the solution for our problem.

How does it work?
Instead of adding a user to a new user group to punish him (which does not make any sense, because it will not work) we will remove him from an additional user group in which he joined when he registered. This user group has to be added manually, see below for more information.

At first you have to deny all permissions from the user group “Users”, which the banned/punished user should have denied. The permissions of this user group will manage the permissions of banned/punished users in the future. You have to consider the permissions of the user group “Everyone” too. This user group must not have more granted permissions than the user group “Users”.

Now you have to create a new user group. Its permissions have to be set to any value all registered users should have. In practice (not technically) this user group will be your new user group for normal registered users.

The difference of the different versions from Community Framework / Burning Board starts at the automatic user group assignment, which is the key to add any new registered user to your own created user group so that he will automatically get all needed permissions of a normal user. To ban/punish a user you just have to remove it from this new user group.

Community Framework 1.1 / Burning Board 3.1
Use the following plugin:

Community Framework 2.0 / Burning Board 4.0
Use the following plugin:

Community Framework 2.1 / Burning Board 4.1
In this version an automatic user group assignment was added as a core feature. You can find it in your ACP under Users -> User Groups -> Automatic Assignments. The best setting is to use the “Days since registration” with a value of “less than 1” to add a user automatically to a user group after registration.
More information: community.woltlab.com/thread/2…c-user-group-assignments/

Whenever you want to ban/punish a user you just have to remove it from this user group. Now he has less permissions without being completely banned.
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